Where children discover their potential through play.
Where children discover their potential through play

Your child begins an important journey of self-discovery in preschool. At the Mountain School, our experienced Waldorf-certified teachers create an environment that fosters self-reliance and engages your child’s imagination through a daily rhythm of activities in the classroom. Our program helps children build their confidence and lays a foundation for future success, both academically and socially.

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  • “The Mountain School has always offered children a rich curriculum that allows for exploration and the nurturing of joyful learning. These students easily transition into elementary school and consistently do well through the elementary years.”

    ~Jeff Escabar, former Director of Admissions, Marin Country Day School, current Head of School, Marin Preparatory School


  • “We’re so grateful Tahlequah had an extra year at the Mountain School — we see the benefits every day in her ability to focus, her internal confidence, and the kindness she demonstrates with her peers in kindergarten.”

    ~ Sandra Smith, Tahlequah and Alyeska’s mom

  • When we first visited the Mountain School, we were struck by how thoughtfully the teachers manage the children and their daily transitions through songs and storytelling. Later, as parents at the school we were amazed at the depth of insight Gale would share with us, helping us be more in tune with Sophie’s development.

    ~ Lyle Poindexter, Sophie and Alice’s dad

  • “How incredible to experience Noah grow into himself at the Mountain School. Miss Kimi has guided him (and us) in learning how to embrace his emotional and physical being. We are really seeing the comfort in his own skin, his inner confidence and empathy blossom.”

    ~ Caroline Errington, Noah’s mom

  • “The self-confidence, social awareness, and emotional skills our son developed at the Mountain School were immediately obvious as he transitioned into kindergarten. We’re excited for our daughter Kate to soon enter kindergarten with the same set of tools.”

    ~ Christa Gatewood, Max and Kate’s mom



Parents spend a social evening with the faculty and director and learn about the upcoming school year.


Parents and their children gather to garden and get the school in tip-top shape for the new school year. We all picnic together after our important work is done.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 10 am to 1 pm

A celebration of autumn, especially for families with children 7 years old and under (all ages welcome). Come and join the merriment with music, games, prizes, food and apple pressing.

Free admission and open to the public.

SATURDAY, OCT. 21, 28, & NOV. 4 - 10:30am-12n
Parent/Toddler Classes

You and your child, 18 mo. to 3 yrs., are invited to join Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, Sarah Whitmore, for an early pre-school experience with singing, stories, movement, and sharing of a homemade snack.



  • 1 Circle Time

    Joyful song and movement fostering form, focus, and social cohesion.

  • 2 Free Play

    Activities that draw on a child’s own imagination such as dressing up, playing house, building structures, and role-playing using natural toys.

  • 3 Arts and Crafts

    Artistic expression through watercolor painting, beeswax modeling, baking and cooking, and other handicrafts.

  • 4 Clean Up

    Practical tasks such as tidying the classroom and hand washing made fun when singing together.

  • 5 Snack

    Delicious homemade, wholesome, organic, and vegetarian snacks prepared with the children’s help.

  • 6 Outdoor Play

    Fresh air and outdoor fun in the playground and regular neighborhood walks that support a connection to nature.

  • 7 Storytelling

    Engaging tales from the folk and fairy tale traditions, often including a puppet show or play in which the children participate.

  • 8 Lunch

    Eaten together at a communal table, with a helping of conversation and a show of gratitude.

  • 9 Owls' Nest

    Optional afternoon “Owls’ Nest” program.