Annual Events

Just as rhythm guides our days, seasonal events and traditions frame our school year, and provide a way for our whole community of children, parents, caregivers, and teachers to come together at special times.

Apple Faire
Our celebration of fall that is open not only to our community but also our friends and neighbors.

Lantern Walk
Our evening celebration of the coming of the Winter Solstice for the entire family.

Spring Baskets
The children celebrate the coming of spring by growing grass in their own spring baskets.

May Fest
Parents and children picnic and dance around the Maypole.

Stay-for-Circle Days
Parents join their children for circle time.

Parent Education Evenings
Uniting the work of parents at home with the work of our teachers.

Parent Social and Auction Party
Our annual festive fundraising event for the school.

Family Workday and Picnic
Joining together to spruce up our nests and garden at the beginning of the school year.

Ice Cream Social and Picnic
A celebration of the last day of the school year.