Our teachers support the unfolding individuality of each child as they guide them through their early years of understanding themselves and each other. The wealth of training, experience, and dedication they bring to our nests every day defines the Mountain School and the unique experience we offer.



LORI GREY, Director
Lori’s first experience at the Mountain School was as a parent. Fast forward to 2015 and Lori is once again singing the morning welcome song, but this time as the school’s Director. Lori joined us from the San Francisco Waldorf School where she spent the previous eleven years as the Enrollment Director and was on the board of the Bay Area Directors of Admissions. Lori’s own children attended San Francisco Waldorf School from kindergarten through high school. She has a deep understanding of, passion for, and absolute belief in Waldorf education. Of her daughter’s time at the Mountain School, Lori says, “She was allowed the time and space to fully engage in joyful, purposeful play and to learn to do for herself and for others. This helped to prepare her for the challenges of school and life.”



GALE MORFIN, Lead Teacher
Gale grew up on Long Island, received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Florida, and completed her Waldorf teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento. As Lead Teacher at the Mountain School since 1994, Gale’s tremendous experience and expertise in the artistic process of caring for young children comes alive in the Hummingbird Nest. “When I first encountered Waldorf education,” she remarks, “I was stunned. It seemed to hold within it everything I wished I had experienced as a child.”


KIMI KEATING, Lead Teacher
Kimi received her bachelor’s degree in Art History from San Francisco State University and graduated from the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training in 1999. She was drawn to the depth and creativity of the Waldorf philosophy: “It nurtures intellectual development and wonder through activities that are practical and well thought through.” Kimi was the Kindergarten Apprentice and Summer Kindergarten Camp Lead at the San Francisco Waldorf School prior to joining us. Kimi spent her first three years at the Mountain School as Assistant Teacher with Gale and in 2005 became Lead Teacher in the Chickadee Nest.



CLAUDIA NORTH, Assistant Teacher
Claudia grew up in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from Sonoma State, and completed the Bay Area Waldorf Teacher Training in 2003 with an emphasis on Early Childhood. “To be in relation to this unique developmental stage of the young child is to step into a profound sense of truth and beauty, and an imaginative intelligence that is vitally perceptive and alive.” Claudia has assisted in the Kindergarten After School Program at San Francisco Waldorf School and has taught seven years as Assistant Kindergarten Teacher at The Greenwood School. As of 2013, Claudia has been the Assistant Teacher in the Hummingbird Nest.


MELISSA SACKETT, Assistant Teacher
Melissa hails from Minneapolis and attended St. Olaf College. She holds a masters degree in teaching with a focus on elementary education. She is also a trained and certified Waldorf teacher, and has worked in Waldorf early childhood programs.


ROBERTA WEISS,”Owls’ Nest” Aftercare Program
We are pleased to announce that Roberta Weiss is the new “Owl Mama” in our Owls’ Nest – After Care Program.

Roberta is a Mountain School alum parent of a daughter who is a rising junior at Wellesley College. She is a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator and has previously worked at the Mountain School and other Waldorf schools as a preschool and kindergarten assistant teacher and substitute.